The Big Rig

My Web site now has a new page entitled “The Big Rig: Accessible computer workstation for an unassisted quadriplegic user”, wherein I describe the computer system I put together for my wife.

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14 responses to “The Big Rig

  1. Marlene Pratto

    Hi Bill,
    Great job in putting together a computer for your wife. I bet others will be interested in your solution. I will post a link on my Facebook page and blog just in case anyone is looking. I will remember too. One never knows.

    I hope your wife keeps enjoying her setup and always has something interesting to pursue on the internet.


  2. Susan Warner

    I am in awe of what you have created to make life better for Allison. Bill, I always knew you were smart but this is amazing. I read everything.

    Allison is awesome too in all that she endeavors to do everyday.

    Susan Adkins Warner
    Fellow Classmate – SSHS Class of 1969

  3. Jen Meininger Wolfe

    What you have created for Allison is amazing and inspiring. She is so fortunate to have you as a husband and friend. At the suggestion of my mom, Allendale native Kathi Leeds Meininger, I will forward this to my friend, who uses a wheelchair and has limited use of her arms.

    Bravo, Bill!!


  4. I wanted to let you know about an opportunity to exhibit your innovative computer solution for your wife at the 2009 NC Assistive Technology Expo. For more info on the Conference visit our web site at

  5. Ricky Buchanan made a new posting about the Big Rig on her ATMac blog at

  6. Close – “her” blog 🙂

  7. Paula Ross

    Hi Allison and Bill,
    I first must say, I am Floored by this Big Rig, it is a Loving and Unbelievably Beautiful project. I knew what Allison could do while she was at the Oaks, and as time goes by, I know it must become more and more difficult for her as well as for you. You both are very Special people, I am glad that you wanted me as a Friend on Facebook, you have once again touched my life and made me think how Truly Blessed I am and was to have known you. Thanks for Sharing…Your Friend, and Favorite Nurse …lol…Paula

  8. Terry Schneider RN

    I’ve been working on a rig for my neighbor who is also a quad when I came upon your Big Rig. It looks like you got it right. Has the new adaptability software in Snow Leopard changed anything? Good job!

  9. IBM Fellow Grady Booch mentioned the Big Rig in his blog. Look for “All Things Medical”, dated 2009-07-28.

  10. Phat article, good looking blog, added it to my favorites.

  11. Thank you, I was glad to read the details of your computer set-up. The time is coming when I may have to make something similar for my husband, so this is a very helpful article.

    I hope Allison enjoys her online time!

  12. hey bill, so glad i found your website. first of all, let me say that the dedication you have to making allison’s life more stimulating is inspiring. secondly, thank you for sharing it so that others may benefit.
    i have a dear friend who has ALS (Lou Gherig’s). he has a brilliant mind and a beautiful soul and a trach in his throat that makes his voice unsteady. he is a writer, an artist. he is going crazy without being able to create or even communicate. any thing he does is public….he has no privacy, no autonomy. i know this is what allison wanted to. can you help me?? i know very little about computer technology. i need to find a lead that can make his life richer. i don’t really understand if you made this computer or adapted it or if there is a company doing this. please email me!!! thanks so much and god bless!

    • Allison and I assembled her computer system over a period of years. I then gathered up her system, added a few components, and installed it all into a sealed rolling rack and put her monitor onto a rolling stand so that she could access her system from bed.

      I’m sorry if the description on the Web page appears overly technical, but it does describe the pieces that make up Allison’s system and provide links to the manufacturers.

      The only help Allison and I had was advice from our son Austin, who works at Apple and knows a lot about computer hardware. (Allison and I are both software engineers.) Almost everything is off-the-shelf.

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