Perverse genius

We might well consider a person who is nearly always right in his/her judgment a genius.
What about the person who is nearly always wrong?

If one were to make a series of binary decisions, where one alternative was right and the other was wrong, by flipping a coin, one should tend to be right about 50% of the time.  A person who is wrong in making binary decisions, say, 95% of the time could be valuable as an oracle, provided we always remember to reverse the profferred advice.

Such a person could help us in choosing investments, for example. One perverse genius advised me to buy Food Lion stock, just before ABC News broke the scandal about Food Lion's meat department. I have no reason to think this person had any inside knowledge, just a knack for wrongness.

I have known a few individuals with this sort of instinct for consistently choosing wrong technical approaches to problems. For example, given a file F1 consisting of a 2000-line procedure P that contained a line with the single statement S, instead of changing:



   if Some_New_Condition then
   end if;

in procedure P in file F1, the perverse programming genius created a file F2 that was a perfect copy of F1, except that procedure P was renamed to Q and the call to S was replaced by a call to T, then visited the multiple sites whence P was called and replaced the call to P with:

   if Some_New_Condition then
   end if;

My first attempt to make sense of this approach led me to think that this person wanted to please management by increasing his number of lines of written source code, and thus his apparent productivity, but he revealed to me that his true aim was to not alter F1 in any way, thus avoiding breaking any of the code contained in it!

In this instance, the perverse genius was not presented with a single binary choice but with many possible designs. Still, if you were responsible for approving the perverse genius's code changes, you would have a binary choice: adding three lines of code to a single source file versus adding over 2000 lines of code, creating one additional source file and modifying every source file containing a call to P.

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